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I'm a freelance graphic designer. I've decided to get back into the industry after taking a long break to help raise my family in Seattle, WA.

I'm a can-do creative person with the ability to translate a clients needs and visions into a well thought out and designed visual solution. 
I have a relentless enthusiasm and passion for design. My background is in print and logo design and have decided to give web design a try by taking a few classes. I'm a strong creative individual in more than just graphic design and enjoy the endless process of learning something new. 

Other personal things you might like to know about me is my love for my 1997 Landcruiser (she's almost turning 200,000 miles), my favorite color is orange, and I love Seattle's famous Dick's Deluxe cheeseburger and fries.  I enjoy cooking, and sometimes gardening, but most of all I love spending time with my 2 awesome kids, family and friends.  I hope you enjoyed learning about me.  Let me know if you have a project in mind that I can help you with or just want to have me on your team. 



Hi, my name is 

Armineh Rosenwald

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